About Fair Street

Why Choose Fair Street Solutions

Whatever need you have that brings you to Fair Street Solutions, we know that above all else you deserve to have the job done right.

You have a lot of options when it comes to taking care of your home or business, and at Fair Street Solutions we strive to meet the expectations of our customers day after day and month after month. While we love the mission behind what we do, we know that you will choose the best solution for your home or business. We would love to have an opportunity to show you what we can do for you.

Beyond the actual landscape design, the variety of plants we offer, the janitorial services and so on, we do have a mission that does make us a bit unique that we want to tell you about.

Fair Street Solutions operates under the umbrella of the Work Training Center, a 501(c)3 corporation that serves adults with disabilities through a variety of services including Day Programs. We exist to help WTC support adults with disabilities in Butte County so that the need for government funding is lessened and the programs offered are the best they can be.

All Of The Profits From Serving Your Needs Goes To
Support The Day Programs Of The Work Training Center.

Why do we do this? We believe in Giving Back.

We believe that adults with disabilities deserve to have the best lives they can, but with the decline of government funding and programs, that has become more and more difficult every year. As an innovative move, the leadership of WTC made a decision to create independent funding sources to support the mission. The landscaping, nursery, janitorial and recycling companies were created with a vision to create a sustainable stream of funding to help the programs have predictable cash flow that is not threatened by ever changing political winds.

So, that is why we talk about being the place where excellence meets giving back!

You need janitorial or landscaping services? Ready to buy some flowers or trees for your yard? Or do you just need to visit the recycling center? Why not choose a company where your needs will be met and you can feel good about helping adults with disabilities in our community!

Why not choose a company where your needs will be met and you can feel good about helping adults with disabilities in our community!

We Believe

  1. We believe you should be able to trust us and that trust is made up of both competence and character. The team you work with should not only have the skills needed to do an excellent job, they should also be people you like having around.
  2. We believe our customers deserve honest and clear communication in every interaction with our company. We want you to know exactly what we are doing to serve you and ensure nothing is hidden.
  3. We believe in continuous improvement and a willingness to bring new ideas to the company and adapt to change when needed. We also believe in bringing new technology and methods to better serve our customers.
  4. We believe in a job well done. Every time.
  5. We believe in hiring people who take initiative on the job. We train our teams to do excellent work and empower them to meet our customers needs.